General Motors unveils electric delivery truck
General Motors unveils electric delivery truck

General Motors announced that it will separate its transportation and logistics activities into a new subsidiary of BrightDrop, whose first products will be electric delivery trucks and electric transport platforms.

The cars, powered by GM's Ultium battery platform, are expected to hit the market this year.

The announcement of the new logistics business comes as GM sees a major, centralized $ 27 billion operation to enter the manufacturing and design of electric vehicles.

General Motors, the largest automaker in North America, introduced a new logo throughout the rebranding.

General Motors is lagging behind Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers to convince its investors that it has a solid understanding of the future of electric mobility.

BrightDrop is a critical part of the hub, and thousands of electric trucks are expected to move in the next several years.

The first vehicle to be launched under the BrightDrop brand is the EP1 electric pallet platform, which can be used to transport packages from truck to customer door.

The maximum speed of the pallet is 4.8 kilometers per hour. Parcels can be stored inside as they have adjustable shelves and lockable doors.

In addition, the EP1 electric pallets can load up to 0.6 m3 of cargo and have a load capacity of 90 kg.

The EP1 electric pallet is designed to solve existing parcel delivery problems where parcels are usually random and not mounted on city sidewalks.

General Motors worked with FedEx Express on a pilot EP1 test program last year. With electric platforms, FedEx employees can handle 25% extra packages daily.

The EP1 electric platforms can transport goods more efficiently over short distances and production will begin in early 2021.

The second BrightDrop car is expected to be an electric vehicle called the EV600, which can travel 400 kilometers, has a payload area of ​​17 cubic meters and a total weight of 4,535 kilograms.

When connected to a 120kW fast charger, the charging speed is 170 km / h.

The car will go into production in the second half of 2021, and the first batch will be shipped by the end of the year.

BrightDrop EV600 includes a security system with motion sensors to keep the charging area safe.

Other equipment features are sliding doors, wide cabin aisles and large doors that can open automatically.

Commercial vehicles are equipped with several advanced driver assistance functions, including blind spot detection, lane keeping, and front and rear parking.

The large digital infotainment screen (13.4 inches) should be at the center of the cabin.

BrightDrop also offers a variety of programs for customers purchasing new commercial vehicles. Customers can track the location of each EP1 platform, remotely lock and unlock each platform, and monitor battery status.

The EV600 electric vehicle also has battery and location monitoring functions as well as driver safety training, accident records, remote diagnostics, safety warnings, and maintenance information. Air forecasts and updates.

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