Germany asks Taiwan for help with car chips
Germany asks Taiwan for help with car chips

Germany has urged Taiwan to persuade Taiwanese manufacturers to reduce the shortage of semiconductor chips in the automotive industry, thus hindering recovery from the coronavirus epidemic.

Automakers around the world are shutting down assembly lines due to semiconductor supply problems. In some cases, past actions by the Trump administration against major Chinese chip makers have exacerbated the problem.

The shortage affects Volkswagen, Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler and other automakers.

In a message from Reuters on Sunday, Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmire asked his Taiwan counterpart (Wang Mihua) to meet with Taiwan's semiconductor maker (TSMC), the world's largest segment. the creator. It is also one of the main suppliers in Germany.

Altmire writes: If you can fix that and point out this German automaker's importance for TSMC's additional semiconductor capabilities, I'd love it.

Altmire said the goal is to implement additional functionality and introduce semiconductors in the short to medium term.

He wrote that the German car industry has been in direct dialogue with TSMC about increasing deliveries and that TSMC has sent very constructive signals to solve this problem.

Spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Economics: He is closely monitoring the situation and negotiating this issue with the auto industry.

"Berlin is now planning to increase national support for German and European semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in order to reduce dependence on Asian suppliers and avoid similar problems in the future," the spokesman added.

Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs said it did not understand Altmire's information, but had received requests through diplomatic channels to alleviate the shortage of car chips.

The Taiwanese ministry said it had started negotiations with local chip suppliers at the request of other countries and requested their full support.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said: The supply and demand situation is closely related to the auto chip plant inventory plan.

"The automaker's lack of chips is very important to them," TSMC said in a statement. This is our first priority. We work closely with automotive customers to solve capacity support issues.

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