Gigabyte announces a new line of games
Gigabyte announces a new line of games

Gigabyte has launched a new line of gaming laptops.

The new series of games includes a large number of laptops for young consumers, especially for mid-range games.

Gigabyte announced in its press release: “The Game Series” targets young users by offering devices designed to multitask while meeting multiple requirements (be it learning, work, gaming or content creation).

The new A5 and A7 models feature AMD Ryzen, A5 and A7 processors with the new Ryzen 5000H series and Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 3000 series.

15-inch A5 and 17-inch A7 phones start at $ 1,000 and $ 1,400, respectively, and can compete with competitors such as the Dell G5 and Lenovo Legion 5i.

In terms of specifications, laptops connect these chips with a 144Hz or 240Hz display.

Both devices rely on Gigabyte's proprietary Windforce cooling system, which includes an angled noise canceling fan, ultra-quiet PWM fan, and a pure copper heat pipe.

Gigabyte said the result will be an exciting gaming and visual entertainment experience, and both models also have SD card slots.

The gaming series offers a 240Hz refresh rate, 72% NTSC wide color gamut, 1 + 3 external display ports, an integrated SD card reader and three slots that support up to 6 TB of storage space.

Gigabyte also announced the new G5 and G7 models supported by the 10th generation Intel processors.

The company writes that from business to entertainment, the G5 and G7 offer unlimited performance to meet more games, more production and more entertainment needs, as well as ergonomic design, reliability, performance, and speed. Meet the new requirements of the new standard.

The G5 starts at $ 1,100 while the A5 and A7 start at $ 1,000 and $ 1,400, respectively. The new computer will be available in late February.

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