Google employees announce union plans
Google employees announce union plans

Google employees announced the union plan when they joined the Communications Workers' Federation of America (CWA). Alphabet Workers Union is open to all employees and contractors of Google's parent company.

The union plan aims to address persistent issues such as wage differentials, retaliation and controversial government contracts.

Nikki Anselmo, Director of Programs at Google, said, “This union has built on the brave organization of Google employees for many years.

She added: We've seen Google work together, have spoken out against the real naming system, spoken out against Project Muffin, and protested against pushing the CEO who committed sexual harassment.

Compared to full-time employees, Google's contractors have long complained of unequal treatment.

Although they make up the majority of Google employees, they generally do not enjoy the benefits of a full-time employee.

In 2019, nearly 80 entrepreneurs voted with Google to join the American Steelworkers' Federation in Pittsburgh.

The Alphabet Workers' Union plans to join the CWA union, which represents workers in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and California.

A month after the National Labor Relations Board lodged its complaint, Google accused of unlawfully firing two workers who had organized employee protests.

Two employees rejected the company's decision to partner with IRI Consulting, known for its anti-union efforts.

Previously, Tymnet Gibro, an AI ethics expert, was fired in December.

In the press release announcing the formation of the union, the Alphabet Union wrote: The shooting had upset thousands of us, including black and brown workers, who were concerned about the company's behavior and unsure of our future on Google.

Earlier this year, employees voted to join the International Staff Federation on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

This is the first time that white-collar workers (those who have professional, office or managerial jobs) in the technology industry have joined a union.

If Google's effort to the union is successful, members will say: You pay the union 1% of the annual salary to raise money for legal fees and staff organization.

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