Google is testing cookies to replace them
Google is testing cookies to replace them

Google said in its retrofit plan to replace third-party cookies for advertising: Testing some of the suggestions looks promising.

Google plans to publish new results in new articles to demonstrate the effectiveness of its Federated Learning of Cohorts, which is part of the Chrome Privacy Shield.

The Privacy Shield Fund is a project that started in 2019 to replace cookies and reduce the impact on publishers.

According to Google, the goal is to find a solution that protects user privacy and enables content to be offered for free over an open network.

Shortly after the plan was announced, Google announced that it would end support for third-party cookies in the Chrome browser, which support most of the digital advertising system, within two years of January 2020.

Chrome engineers work with broader industries such as the W3C Web Standards Organization to explore the ideas that lead Google and other advertising technology operators in "privacy sandbox".

Google said: It can bring in many ideas and FLoC is just a suggestion, not a final or only suggestion for alternative config files.

Test results show that FLoC is a viable, privacy-sensitive alternative to third-party configuration files.

According to Google, advertisers can see at least 95% of conversions for every dollar spent compared to ads based on personal information.

FLoC divides people into groups based on similar browsing behavior. This means that only group IDs are used instead of individual user IDs to find them.

The web log entries and algorithm are stored in the browser where only thousands of people are viewed in the browser.

The search giant stated that one of the first privacy protection technologies for interest-based ads was as effective as cookies.

These groups can include people who have similar behaviors and can be placed in groups instead of individuals according to these interests.

The difference is that they no longer follow every user on the network and now this concept of data protection exists for bulk users.

Chrome is expected to roll out beta groups for public testing in the next release released in March and will begin testing FLoC-based groups with advertisers in Google Ads in the second quarter.

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