Google turns some of its offices into sites for vaccination against Corona
Google turns some of its offices into sites for vaccination against Corona

Google will launch in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area of ​​California, Kirkland, Washington and New York, and will convert some of its facilities into Corona vaccination centers.

Google is working with healthcare provider One Medical and the Department of Health to open buildings, parking lots and parking lots for anyone who qualifies to get the vaccine under national and local guidelines.

This is based on the company's CEO, Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai), who has posted on a blog as the company works with local officials to determine when these sites can open.

Google has 29 US offices, many of which are ideal third-party social networking sites that are not currently in use due to the need to work from home.

There are five offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and three in Los Angeles.

Pichai said: The Corona pandemic has deeply affected all societies around the world, increasing coordination between the public and private sectors and across international borders. The scale is incredible. We can't slow down now.

Google also pledged $ 150 million to promote and disseminate vaccine education, including $ 100 million in advertising grants and $ 50 million in partnerships with health authorities.

To do this, Google will add national and regional vaccine information to the search page and list of sites in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas on the search and map for the next few weeks.

Pichai added: We have detailed information such as: B: Whether appointments or references are required, whether only certain groups of people can be used or whether there are car trips, other countries and countries will appear later.

Google noted that early data shows that people of color and rural communities are less likely to be vaccinated than other groups.

To this end, Google has also awarded $ 5 million to organizations that deal with ethnic and geographic differences related to the Corona vaccine.

According to Google's announcement, the Corona vaccination can be carried out in other countries, even though the company was founded in the United States.

Tech giant Amazon is said to have opened a popup clinic in Seattle in hopes of vaccinating 2,000 people.

In a letter to the new Biden administration, Amazon also promised to turn its facilities into a place to vaccinate 800,000 employees, and Microsoft also announced that it would open an empty vaccination building at its headquarters.

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