Instagram tests a new story design
Instagram tests a new story design

According to a company spokesperson, the Instagram platform is testing a new design that displays Instagram stories (Stories) through the web version, and the spokesperson said it is testing new features.

In the new format, the story is shown in a circle instead of the current "one size fits all" square.

This information indicates that navigation will remain unchanged. As a result, users have to manually click on the stories or they can choose to run them automatically one by one.

It is not clear if and when the new design will be rolled out to more users.

According to reports, an Instagram spokesperson has confirmed that the new Instagram story design has been tested, and this look has appeared to a small number of Instagram users as of last month.

The new design makes it easy to keep track of where you are in the story queue, and no story takes up the entire screen.

Now when you are viewing the story through the web version it takes up the entire screen and there is no way to skip to the next person's story.

While this change applies to a larger audience, it improves the user experience for the web version of Instagram and is especially beneficial for those who use the web version regularly.

If Facebook decides to offer new features to a larger audience, more users will be able to acquire the new story design before it is officially released via the web version.

The company has gradually improved its network copy functionality, but the story still looks awkward and doesn't fit the board.

It might not be the biggest change, but it would be a huge improvement for those who spend a lot of time browsing Instagram outside of the app.

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