Installing Firefox add-ons on Android just got easier
Installing Firefox add-ons on Android just got easier

The Mozilla Foundation has made it easy to find and install Firefox add-ons on Android devices. With the release of Firefox 85 for mobile operating systems, you can now install add-ons directly from the add-on website.

Most desktop web browsers are now fully functional, which sometimes makes many plug-ins unnecessary or redundant.

However, this is not the case on mobile devices as the features available in the desktop version are not generally available or technically impossible.

Plugins are still important in mobile browsers, and Mozilla is making changes to make it easier for Android users to install these add-ons.

The problem with installing plugins through the computer is simple: go to the App Store to get the add-ons, then click the "Install" button on the extensions page, which is not the case with the new Android Firefox browser issue.

Currently, you need to go to the add-on manager to install the required add-ons and Mozilla says the process: If you are used to installing from the desktop with ease, this might be a little confusing.

However, that will change when Firefox 85 launches on January 25 and the install button is released directly from the add-on's website.

The choice of Android plug-ins is still very limited, but since Mozilla released a new browser experience based on its GeckoView engine in August 2020, its list hasn't grown much.

Shortly after launching the new browser, Mozilla said: It has decided to support the most used add-ons for mobile users to ensure a good first experience.

Initially, there were 10 curated add-ons on the list, but we still only see 12 on the add-ons page, and Mozilla announced that it will continue to work on improving the Android add-ons. In the following months.

Currently, you need to use Firefox Nightly beta browser for Android and use bypass software to install other add-ons.

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