IPhone foldable mockup passes the durability test
IPhone foldable mockup passes the durability test

According to Taiwan's Economic Daily report, two foldable iPhone prototypes have passed internal tests to ensure durability.

Tests were recently conducted at the Foxconn factory in China on the foldable hinge system Apple developed for two different iPhones.

The first foldable iPhone to be tested is said to be a dual-screen model, such as the Galaxy Fold, and it will likely be the same as the dual-screen prototype released in June 2020.

Rumors circulating at the time indicated that the model used two separate screens, but that they were connected by hinges.

Although the prototype of this iPhone has two independent screens, they are connected by hinges, but the leaks indicate that these screens are connected and look somewhat bright.

It should be noted that Apple filed a patent for the device, which includes two separate screens that can be combined to create a foldable hinge device.

The second foldable iPhone that we tested is said to be a foldable phone, like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Taiwan's Economic Daily reported that this rocker model uses Samsung's flexible OLED screen.

Previous reports also indicated that Apple is asking Samsung to provide a large number of foldable screen samples for mobile phones for testing in early 2020.

The test is said to be not a complete mobile phone, but a test unit with very limited internal components and not a device with a display function.

The main purpose of the test is to measure the durability of the folding mechanism. The report says testing is now complete and Apple should assess which of the two models should be further developed.

A November 2020 report stated that Apple had sent a foldable iPhone to Foxconn to conduct more than 100,000 open and close tests to test the foldable joints.

Given the consistency of rumors about the foldable iPhone from multiple sources, especially when it comes to testing, it might be more believable.

Taiwan's economic daily reported that the foldable iPhone will appear in 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.

Apple filed a number of patents for its foldable phone in 2016, and work on it appears to be ongoing.

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