Jack's disappearance sparked speculation about the billionaire's fate
Jack's disappearance sparked speculation about the billionaire's fate

For the past two months, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, has not been seen publicly, including his absence from the final episode of TV shows that should have appeared as a judge on the final episode of TV Shows. Concentrated. This sparked speculation on social media about his whereabouts during the organizational move. The Chinese are against their huge trading empire.

The gorgeous Chinese businessman has not appeared in public since appearing at a forum in Shanghai in late October. In a speech, he criticized China's regulatory system and made it in conflict with officials, which led to the suspension of $ 37 billion of the Ant Group's initial public offering. Alibaba Group Financial Department.

The British Financial Times reported that Jack Ma was appointed a judge on the last episode of the Entrepreneur List called "African Business Hero" in November and was appointed by Lucy Peng (Lucy, CEO of Alibaba Peng) instead.

Your photo has also been removed from the African Business Heroes Project Jury website. A spokesman for Alibaba told Reuters on Monday that the change was due to a conflicting history and declined to comment.

The report on Jack Ma's absence from public opinion has sparked speculation about the banned Twitter site in China, but it is not a popular topic on Chinese social media platforms, and sensitive topics have been censored.

Since his October speech, Chinese regulators have been monitoring the actions of Alibaba's founders, including opening an antitrust investigation against Alibaba and calling on the Ant Group's financial arm to change its lending and other financing activities. Consumption, including starting a business. An independent holding company to meet the requirements of Alibaba. Capital.

"I think he was asked to close his eyes," said Duncan Clark, CEO of technology consulting firm BDA China. This is a unique situation that relates more to the extent and sensitivity of the Ant Group to financial regulation. Sexually connected.

The report speculates that the speech of the founder of Alibaba angered the Chinese government and that the Chinese government viewed its criticism as an attack on the authority of the Communist Party.

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