LG announces the launch of the new LG Gram series
LG announces the launch of the new LG Gram series

LG has announced its Gram 2021 line of notebooks, which features a fresh design and some internal upgrades.

As always, LG launched an updated version of its Gram notebook product line with CES.

The company announced that these laptops will pass 2021 Intel Evo platform certification, which is designed to demonstrate that the laptop has at least 9 hours of battery life, can charge quickly, and can wake up. Quickly sleep.

LG has not changed the basic features of the Gram series as this series of laptops are known to be very light.

The Gram 17 weighs 1.3 kg, the same as the previous product, and 17-inch laptops weighing less than 1.5 kg are not uncommon.

The aspect ratio of the computer is 16:10 to give more space. Compared to traditional 16: 9 ratio, this ratio provides more headroom.

In addition, LG said: The new foldable phone has an ultra-thin design on all four sides and a 90% screen. The company also mentioned that it has increased the size of the keyboard and touchpad to provide comfort and efficiency.

All computers have 11th generation Intel processors and can be equipped with Iris Xe or UHD graphics, up to 16GB of RAM and devices with fingerprint readers.

According to LG, the 16-inch and 17-inch models have a large 80-watt battery: they can run for up to 19.5 hours offline, while the smaller models have a 72-watt battery.

LG Senior Vice President and Head of IT Business Unit (Zhang Yihuan) said: “The LG Gramm brand continues to boost the market for ultra-thin notebooks, which are unparalleled in portability. The performance is top notch. "

He added: "With the latest laptops, consumers can enjoy increased productivity and an immersive viewing experience anywhere thanks to the elegant design and 16:10 aspect ratio. While maintaining a light silhouette."

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