Linux is now fully usable on Mac computers
Linux is now fully usable on Mac computers

With security firm Corellium providing a standard version of iOS for security testing, Ubuntu (a popular Linux distro) can now run on a new Mac with Apple's M1 chip.

Corellium has published a tutorial for users who want to try this beta project to run a modified version of Ubuntu through a standard user interface with USB support.

The Corellium team explained how to run Ubuntu and share several M1 components with Apple's portable chipset. However, the non-standard chips made it difficult to create Linux drivers to properly run Ubuntu.

Apple hasn't built a Mac with an M1 chip that supports Dual Boot or Boot Camp mode.

Apple's senior vice president of software development, Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi), has ruled for official support for local operation of alternative operating systems (such as Windows or Linux).

Virtualization appears to be Apple's preferred method, but that hasn't stopped people from going their own way.

(Hector Martin) is a developer who frequently runs Linux on various machines and introduces Linux to Mac via the M1 chip.

The performance advantages of the Apple M1 chip and the ability to run Linux on quiet ARM-based computers seem attractive to developers.

Linux designer Linus Torvalds said last November: I've been waiting for a long time for ARM laptops that can run Linux, and the new MacBook Air is almost perfect except for the OS.

Corellium CTO (Chris Wade) describes the company's new method in which the Mac Mini with the M1 chip can be used.

He added: It can work by running an Ubuntu desktop full from USB, you need a USB-C dongle for the network to function properly, and the whole process requires some understanding of Linux. And custom cores.

Corellium has some experience protecting Apple operating systems and can provide security researchers with a virtual iPhone to troubleshoot vulnerabilities.

This angered Apple and prompted it to take legal action against Corellium. However, after filing the copyright lawsuit in August 2019, she lost her first lawsuit against Corellium late last year.

Apple was subsequently charged with digital Millennium Copyright violations in January 2020, and a judge dismissed the copyright infringement complaint in December.

The decision has been delayed due to further DMCA allegations.

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