Mercedes launches the electric EQA
Mercedes launches the electric EQA

After the hustle and bustle of last year, Mercedes launched the latest EQA to launch several electric cars in the coming years.

The EQA range with a 66.5 kW battery is less than 486 kilometers and starts at 39,950 EUR (48,440 USD).

EQA is based on the GLA SUV class from German manufacturers and will go into production in Europe this year.

The EQA is based on the same vehicle platform as the $ 68,000 EQC. Like the EQC, Mercedes relies on the European NEDC standard to estimate a range of 486 km for EQA vehicles.

The EQA was introduced as the EQA 250, and it has a 66.5 kW battery, which is slightly above the current level of electric cars on the road.

Mercedes has announced plans to bring more models to the market, including all-wheel drive models and auxiliary electric drive systems, to increase production to 200 kW or more, and to equip models with a range of more than 500 km. .

Interested buyers can choose the EQA booth, where they can choose two 7-inch screens such as the dashboard and the main infotainment screen, or two 10.25-inch widescreen displays.

The new 56-inch touchscreen will not be featured on the upcoming EQS luxury electric vehicle.

The EQA comes with the German carmaker's second-generation MBUX infotainment system that bypasses physical buttons for a fully digital user experience and in-vehicle audio control.

The EQA is almost part of the modern Kona electric class, and the specifications are similar, with the first model having an 188hp engine, while the Kona electric car has 201hp like that, but Mercedes plans to do it up to 268hp.

With your charging time, weather, traffic and driving habits, you can choose the fastest route with Mercedes' intelligent electric predictive navigation system.

Other standard functions are automatic braking and lane-keeping assist. The car can pump excess battery heat into the cabin just as Tesla uses the Model Y.

The Mercedes EQA is considered as the entry point for the growing family of electric cars from the automakers.

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