New One Outlook app leaked from Microsoft
New One Outlook app leaked from Microsoft

Microsoft is testing the new One Outlook app, which will replace the email and calendar apps that came with Windows 10.

According to the leaked app, Project Monarch is a new version of Outlook designed for the big screen.

Without a full in-house account at Microsoft, the leaked app won't work, but the One Outlook app will replace the desktop (Win32 and UWP) versions of the Outlook, Outlook Web Access and macOS desktop apps.

Microsoft also hosts the new full web version of Outlook Online, and the company uses a single desktop app based on the web version of Outlook.

The leaked app is clearly in an early state and Microsoft has warned employees that it is currently being developed for users of the old version of the code and that does not include offline mode.

This first release is leaked, but the latest alternative version of Windows 10 Mail may not be released until next year.

According to reports, the app could introduce a larger preview schedule in late 2021, with the goal of replacing email and calendar apps in Windows 10 in 2022.

Back in the days of Windows 8, Microsoft employees insisted that the built-in Mail and Calendar apps were worse than Outlook and represented the future of Microsoft Mail.

There have been rumors that Microsoft is considering changing the name of the Mail and Calendar app package in Outlook, which will further exacerbate the mess in several different products called Outlook.

Since Microsoft abandoned Windows 8 and its original Universal Windows Platform UWP strategy, the company started adding new functionality to the web in Outlook.

However, for some reason, it will still keep your current Mail and Calendar apps instead of creating all Outlook based email apps.

Microsoft currently has different versions of Outlook on Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android devices, and their administrators usually call them the older version of Outlook.

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