One by Wacom brings the stylus to the Chromebooks
One by Wacom brings the stylus to the Chromebooks

Although Chromebooks have all the benefits of an editing tool, it's limited because most Chromebooks don't have a stylus, but One by Wacom changes the formula.

Wacom One can now be used with Chromebooks running Chrome OS, as Google recently received Chromebook Compatible certification.

Don't confuse Wacom's One with the $ 400 Wacom One tablet, as Wacom's One doesn't have a display.

Instead, the end perfectly matches the pen in the box.

While this stylus is definitely not the best pen out of Wacom, it has a sensitivity of 2048 points of pressure, which means it can be compared to the previous generation Surface Pen.

For all functions to work, simply connect the device to your Chromebook via the USB-A port without installing separate drivers or software.

Plus, you don't even have to charge the stylus as it works without a battery. If you have a Chromebook with a USI-compliant stylus, One by Wacom won't affect it.

The device comes with a 259g stylus, which makes it light and compact, easy to put in a backpack, and ideal for schoolchildren.

As with most accessories, One by Wacom's benefit relies on third-party assistance.

As long as you have Chrome OS 8.7 or higher installed, your device supports Clip Studio Paint and educational apps like Kami, Pear Deck, Limnu, and Explain Everything.

It's also worth noting that you can use the device on both Windows and Mac computers, so it's not just an accessory for a Chromebook.

The device is available in two sizes: small and medium. In the United States, it measures 8.3 "x 5.7". You can buy it for $ 59.95.

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