Peugeot launches its electric Peugeot eC01
Peugeot launches its electric Peugeot eC01

French carmaker Peugeot introduced its latest e-bike model, the Peugeot eC01 crossover.

The French Peugeot bike is one of the most famous bicycle manufacturers in the world. Despite his fame for his cars, he started making bikes in 1882.

The company recently made great strides in the e-bike market, releasing six crossovers late last year.

The Peugeot eC01 Crossover has joined a growing family, and by exploring the thriving electric bike space, it shows the brand's interest in diversification. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the field of electric scooters has been strongly boosted.

The bike is designed and manufactured in France and has a classic straight riding position that gives the rider a better view of the road.

The 57mm Schwalbe Hurricane tires are better than the narrow tires commonly used on pure e-city motorcycles for overcoming hurdles.

The front fork ensures that the bike can ride more powerfully than a typical urban electric bike.

It also has LED headlights and taillights, fenders, a luggage rack, a modern and discreet design, and the battery built into the frame makes it look better.

The Peugeot eC01 crossover uses the mid-drive Bosch Performance CX engine with a replaceable 500W BOSCH PowerTube battery on the frame.

The company claims that when used with minimal assistance, the battery can reach 120 kilometers with each charge.

The drive system has a nominal torque of 63 Nm. Peugeot has combined the Shimano Deore 10-speed drive to ensure passengers have multiple gears to apply torque to the ground on various grades.

Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes are standard configuration that can increase braking force and reduce maintenance.

The Peugeot eC01 Crossover electric bike now costs 3,199 euros (including VAT) or about $ 3,900 and is available in three sizes: S, M and L.

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