Plex launches a game subscription service full of Atari games
Plex launches a game subscription service full of Atari games

The media streaming platform Plex has announced a new service that provides dozens of old games for streaming.

Unlike other game distribution efforts by companies like Microsoft or Google, the new service focuses on the most important games and new releases with an emphasis on old games.

The service called Plex Arcade offers about 30 games to start with, including Asteroids, C, Missile Command, Adventure, and Ninja Golf.

If you subscribe to a Plex Pass, the service is $ 3 per month, otherwise it will be $ 5 per month.

With Plex, you can play Atari games without having to focus on new platforms or modern mobile games like the competition.

You can play classic Atari arcade games like Super Breakout, Atari 2600, and Atari 7800.

Unlike other game subscription services, you can subscribe to the platform and start the game. Plex Arcade has certain requirements, such as: For example, Plex Media Server can run on Windows or Mac computers.

Developed with Parsec's low-latency streaming technology, it brings a fully playable game library to Plex. The service worked with Atari to create a game library and license for the classic game plan.

Linux is not supported because Plex uses the Parsec app to stream games. So if you do not have an account, you will need to sign up for a Parsec account and then log in to that account through Plex.

There is more freedom to which devices can stream to because the service not only supports Android devices and TVs, but also Google Chrome, iOS, and Apple tvOS.

You can play on any platform with bluetooth enabled, Plex says, and the service also supports adding emulators.

Service recommends Sony DualShock 4 controller or Xbox One controller for optimum performance.

Although you need to provide credit card information or link your account to the PayPal service, there is a free 7-day trial period.

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