EKSA Store USB 3.0 Hub -7 Ports Powered
EKSA Store USB 3.0 Hub -7 Ports Powered

USB 3.0 Hub-7 USB Ports 36W USB Charging Hub with On / Off Switch, 12V / 3A Power Supply as well as Multiple USB Ports for PC, Laptop, Computer, Portable Hard Drive, Flash Drive, etc.

 Super Speed ​​X 7

Do not block the SuperSpeed ​​connector on the device. Transfer rate can be up to 5Gb / s, allowing less sync time and longer working time. (Note: Actual price depends on device capacity.) There are 16 work stations available to choose from, with no changes or disconnection

Hi-Speed ​​USB 3.0 hub

The charge speed per connection of this USB hub hub is 5V / 2.4A. With the help of the 12v / 3a power supply unit, it can not only provide 2.4A charging capacity, but also make the data transmission more stable.

Charge at full speed: every time, every device.

With an additional smart charging connection, the hub is engineered for compatibility. The connector intelligently identifies and speaks the language of each connected device, and it can be charged at full speed. This gives each device an ultra-fast charging time (up to 2.4A).

In the middle of the future. pole.

The hub is equipped with a high-quality chip and durable switches. The hub can ensure a stable power supply during operation. The sturdy aluminum frame ensures the service life. Whether you are at home or in the office, you should add other irreplaceable lighting fixtures to your office.

Independent power switch

The USB hub is equipped with 7 separate ON / OFF switches for each USB port, to avoid the problem of disconnecting the device when it is not needed.

The built-in smart chip protects the hub itself and your devices from voltage peaks, overcurrents, short circuits, overheating, or reverse currents. Please provide a safe and stable connection when you use it.

12v / 3a power supply with long cable

The ultra-powerful USB 3.0 hub has a 12v 3a configuration and long cable length, bringing convenience and power to all your devices.

From the power source to the distributor is 39 ".47" computer hub, the power cord is about 47 ".

The ultimate synchronization device

Simply connect peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, card reader, or external hard drive to your laptop or Mac. The ideal speed solution for data transfer and charging.

Intelligently select each connected device so that it can receive the transmission at maximum speed - the transmission time for each LED is very fast

LED display

Each port has an LED indicator that makes it easy to see the power status.

Configure the 3.3ft cable for more convenient and efficient use.

With additional smart charging connectors, compatibility is built into the design.

Small and portable

The wheel hub is made of aluminum, which is light and flexible, which is very useful for people who often go to work or travel.

The size is similar to that of a phone. It does not take up office space when used in the office

System requirements and precautions:

Supports 4T portable hard drives and support for high performance peripherals

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 users should upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or later to avoid unstable connections.

2.4GHz wireless devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) cannot be used near the USB 3.0 port. Try to connect using USB 2.0.

For optimum performance, the connected device should not exceed 3A compound current.

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