FLYPROFiber 10GBase-T RJ45 Transceiver for Ubiquiti
FLYPROFiber 10GBase-T RJ45 Transceiver for Ubiquiti

FLYPROFiber 10G-T SFP + to RJ45 for Ubiquiti, Unifi UF-RJ45-10G for Ubiquiti, 10GBase-T RJ45 Transceiver, Unifi 10G CAT6A / CAT7 Copper UBNT Module, 30m

The function of this device is similar to the Ubiquiti UF-RJ45-10G 10GBASE-T SFP + RJ45 30m transceiver.

Compatible with Ubiquiti UF-RJ45-10G, which is used for 10G network devices such as fiber adapters, routers, network cards (NICs), NAS and 10G media adapters.

Arrival date and price
When using a CAT6A / CAT7 cable, the transmission speed is 10Gb / s / 1000Mbps and the maximum distance is 30m.

  •  LY FLYPROFiber has focused on optical fiber trackers for 12 years. We produce high quality transmitters and receivers. Each transceiver goes through 26 test phases before leaving the factory.
  • Ubiquiti 10GBase-T RJ45 transceiver can be fully compatible with Ubiquiti UF-RJ45-10G used in optical switches, routers, network cards, media adapters, servers, and other Ubiquiti optical devices with SFP + 10GB ports.
  • FLYPROFiber 10G SFP + RJ45 copper cable unit supports 10G / 1000Mbps transmission speed via CAT6A / CAT7 cable and 10G SFP + copper conductor to RJ45. The maximum distance is 30 m
  • 📡 Fully pluggable, connect it to 10G sfp + port, then work, pull the 4 loops on the end of RJ45 connector from port and pull it out.
  • 30 Days Free Return, 5 Year Warranty, Lifetime Technical Support. Each device comes with a free metal box.

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