Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s (3 groups, Dark Night) - Replacement for Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router - Replacement for High Performance WiFi Router - High Performance WiFi Coverage for 6 rooms or more

Connect to multiple devices

The M3 can provide more than 60 device wiring. Connecting to multiple devices can help everyone better enjoy life.

Dual frequency technology

The M3 WLAN includes Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and dual-band AC1200 technology. Anyone can get better network speed and smoother network experience.

Transparent roaming

No matter where it is located, upstairs or downstairs, in the living room or in the bedroom, it can seamlessly change the grid. Automatically choose your better signal for a smoother network experience.

Easy to configure and manage

With the "My Grid" app, anyone can set up a clearly defined WLAN in a few minutes, control the WLAN and check WLAN status and WLAN connection anytime anywhere.

Parental control

Parental controls can set a time limit for children when they use the Internet and set a healthy lifestyle for them. Even if the parents are absent, this may prevent children from interacting with the Internet.

Guest network

Guest network function can create public and temporary WiFi names for visitors. Effectively protect network security and prevent information leakage.

Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s Suite
Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s Suite

  •  The WiFi Meshforce M3s Black Edition-M3s has a stylish and compact design that can be used with any decor, so you can enjoy reliable WiFi anywhere while enhancing the beauty of your home.
  • Wi-Fi Coverage for the Whole Family - Put the M3s WiFi System anywhere you want, from basement to living room, door to backyard, with over 6 bedrooms to cover and extend. It is ideal for large families.
  • Every bedroom has fast WiFi with all Gigabit Ethernet connections and dual-band AC1200 technology. M3 WiFi can boost your available internet speed so you can play, stream and download anywhere in your home.
  • With the My Mesh app, which is easy to set up and manage, you can set up your network in minutes with clear visual direction and control yourself even when you're not at home.
  • Protect your M3s Mesh WiFi home with built-in WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK password encryption functions to protect connected homes from internet threats. Set up separate WiFi access for visitors across the guest network without sharing WiFi password at home.

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Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s Suite
Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s Suite

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