Mr. Coffee 74265.02 Harpwell 2 Quart Tea Kettle
Mr. Coffee 74265.02 Harpwell 2 Quart Tea Kettle

Gibson is a third generation company founded by our grandfather. Then Father Njeet Jabai founded Overseas Gibson in the United States. Through his vision, our organization is built on solid and true business principles. Gibson's goal is to serve you. We invite you to explore the products we offer and look forward to giving you this opportunity. Gibson products are designed and manufactured in California with the promise of style and value, making us a vital resource for global retailers. Our proven relationships and decades of Asian manufacturing experience make sourcing from other companies impossible.

The tea and coffee kettle is the ideal tea and coffee kettle for your home, dormitory, apartment or condo.

Sapphire coffee teapot adds aesthetic charm to your stove and improves the overall look and function of the kitchen.

The timeless look goes well with every kitchen design. The unique shape of this kettle is perfect on the stove or in the kitchen. Here you can boil water and enjoy delicious hot chocolate, a teapot or medium-sized coffee with the family.

  • Stainless steel teapot
  • Remind the teapot to whistle when the water boils
  • The flip-flop water outlet cap is easy and safe to pour and keeps the fume cupboard cool for safety
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • 2 pints

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