Pinky Up 5032 Kettle Kitchen and Home Decor Tea Pot
Pinky Up 5032 Kettle Kitchen and Home Decor Tea Pot

If your kitchen needs a new kettle, Presley ™ Light Blue Tea is a great solution. The first thing you'll notice immediately about the kettle is the light blue stainless steel case and bamboo handle. The appearance also has its advantages, because the steel structure of the boiler is durable. Oh, the easy-grip handle can prevent accidents.

The kettle has a capacity of 70 ounces and is very suitable for large gatherings. Simply turn on the stove, fill the kettle and wait for the water to run out. Then call the famous whistle. This button opens a large spout that can be poured into the desired position. Use the kettle to drink tea, coffee, pasta, instant soup, etc. With so many smart features, it is clear why so many people use this kettle in the kitchen:

  • The 70oz kettle is ergonomically designed - this kettle allows you to boil 70 ounces of water in minutes, making it ideal for the whole family. The one-button technology with the handpiece makes watering easier.
  • Whistling on completion - just like a conventional kettle, the kettle will make a loud noise when the water reaches its boiling point. In fact, the buzzer is loud enough to call you from other rooms.
  • This light blue Bold & Classy-Presley teapot has a light blue stainless steel bowl and delicate bamboo handle. Why use a boring kettle when those shiny gems are on the stove? The beautiful look of the induction teapot deserves constant serving!
  • As a housewarming gift, the perfect gift for all occasions (Christmas, birthdays). Would a metal teapot on the stove be a special item in your life or why not pamper yourself?
  • Discover the bold and elegant teapot that will whistle you when you're ready.

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