Sony sells standard LED crystal displays
Sony sells standard LED crystal displays

Sony has already started selling the Crystal LED modular series of displays. The target market is professional applications, especially digital production of virtual films.

These displays are part of Sony's Crystal LED series, which are modular panels that use pre-sold MicroLEDs for signage.

Screen technology means you can create large screens using a series of control panels connected to the controller. This is a handy feature when you want to create a series of virtual screens.

Crystal LED line consists of two series, so the C series has high contrast while the B series has high brightness.

The screen announced today is part of the new B series, which thanks to its anti-reflective coating and high brightness, can be used for movie production.

According to Sony, the B-Series was developed in association with Sony Pictures Entertainment to meet production needs.

The screen is equipped with a new Sony X1 Picture Quality Processor for Crystal LED to get the best picture performance and uses the same Crystal LED technology as the Bravia TVs.

Features include the ability to display high dynamic range images, high frame rates up to 120fps, 3D stereo capabilities, and no fan for quieter operation.

Sony said: It can work at 1800 nits brightness. In contrast, Apple's Pro Display XDR can run at 1600 nits of brightness.

One of the advantages of creating the backdrops from performances is that the light emanating from them makes it easy to convince the audience that the actors are there.

In a traditional green screen set, the background is flat and the actors need to be lit up as if there was a background. However, if you are using a Sony monitor, the wallpaper is there and provides some light.

Sony plans to launch the product this summer but has not released a price yet. Since these are professional products, the prices can be high even if you do not purchase the product. Soon you will be able to watch movies and shows made with them.

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