Sony TV runs Google TV and uses HDMI 2.1
Sony TV runs Google TV and uses HDMI 2.1

Sony announced the launch of the world's first cognitive smart TV. The new BRAVIA XR TVs include the 8K LED MASTER Z9J, OLED Series, X95J and X90J 4K LED MASTER Z9J.

All Sony's flagship Bravia XR TVs in 2021 will support 4K 120Hz refresh rate, variable VRR, automatic low latency ALLM modes, eARC and HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

Sony said: The world's first cognitive smart TV is powered by a new chip called the XR Cognitive Processor, so its new system goes beyond traditional signal processing and analysis range. Artificial intelligence in most televisions.

She added: Although traditional artificial intelligence can only recognize and analyze image elements such as color, contrast and details individually, the new processor can analyze a group of elements at the same time using our brain.

This way, each component can be modified to get the best end result, and everything is synchronized and realistic, which is not possible with traditional AI.

Sony also talked about what the cognitive processor XR can do for the sound, claiming that thanks to the audio function in real-world imaging, the sound can be perfectly matched with the content displayed on the screen, providing a unique and dynamic experience. .

In addition, a cognitive processor can convert any sound into 3D surround sound while learning, analyzing and understanding an unprecedented amount of data to deliver an amazing audio stage and intelligently optimize it for most images and sounds. realistic. Every pixel, image and scene.

Main Series TVs (8K LCD and 4K OLED) have a new sensor to detect the color temperature of ambient light in the room, which can be used to automatically adjust the white balance of the TV. these.

As one of the first TV manufacturers to join Android TV, it seems fitting for Sony to become one of the first to migrate to Google TV.

All TVs offer a very similar software experience to the latest Google Chromecast.

Sony also has its own custom settings in the Settings menu and keyboard shortcuts (like HDMI input). However, there are no other changes compared to the latest Google streaming devices.

Sony is also focusing on smaller buttons such as the adjustable legs, which can be configured to allow enough room for the subwoofer to be in front of the TV without affecting the picture. All TVs support Dolby Vision HDR.

Sony does not appear to be developing its own new display technology (such as mini-LED), but is expanding its current strategy to achieve complete local dimming in its advanced OLED lineup.

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