Tesla hired someone to handle complaints against Elon Musk
Tesla hired someone to handle complaints against Elon Musk

Electric vehicle maker Tesla (Tesla) assigns full-time remote support personnel and other duties to deal with complaints submitted to Elon Musk.

Tesla Support Professionals' responsibilities include resolving or redirecting complaints and issues as needed, as well as solving CEO social media issues through critical thinking.

This job listing shows that the company left the PR department last year and that support experts are now a front and back for the Tesla brand.

(Elon Musk) is often the target of disgruntled clients on social media platforms. Tesla canceled its PR department last year and is looking for employees who can defuse such attacks on CEOs.

The job description says: Tesla support experts handle all kinds of complaints and issues while providing top notch customer service.

Requirements and qualifications include work experience in a call center, ability to think outside the box and work in a team.

Tesla is known for poor vehicle quality control and customer service.

Sometimes billionaires have weight and have a long history of tweeting customer complaints and questions

Musk has 42.6 million Twitter followers and shares at least one tweet daily about the upcoming launch of SpaceX and the new Tesla technology.

Job responsibilities require that new employees provide excellent customer service and personal solutions, maintain a constant focus on customers, and continue to solve until the problem is resolved.

While this exceptional CEO is admirable in addressing consumer issues head-on, he is also used to saying things that shouldn't be said on Twitter.

Many car owners are trying to convince Tesla to fix some problems without posting on social media platforms.

Tesla is having difficulty contacting customer service as it focuses on the contacts provided through its mobile app.

The automaker has worked hard to improve new features like the escalation feature on its website, but opinions on this are mixed.

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