The Apple Store has sales of $ 64 billion in 2020
The Apple Store has sales of $ 64 billion in 2020

According to CNBC analysis, Apple's app store sales exceeded $ 64 billion in 2020, up 28% from $ 50 billion in 2019.

Given that the estimated growth was only 3.1% between 2018 and 2019 ($ 48.5 billion in 2018), this number represents a significant increase over the Apple Store.

The price hike indicates that Apple Store sales growth has accelerated sharply during the Coronavirus pandemic as people seek shelter in their homes and spend more time and money on various apps and games.

The Apple Store is the company's main growth region, and its revenue is part of the revenue from Apple's services division, which totaled $ 53.7 billion in revenue. The dollar for fiscal year 2020 ends in September.

The money Apple makes from its app store has become critics criticizing Apple for having too many features.

With few exceptions, Apple charges a 30% digital sales fee on its platform. The company recently changed its fee structure to require 15% of business on app stores to make less than $ 1 million.

A congressional subcommittee found in 2020 that Apple had a monopoly on iPhone app distribution, which would have brought the company huge profits.

Epic Games has sued Apple for antitrust reasons. The company hopes it will fail to pay Apple 30% of its iPhone game sales, which is unfair.

Apple hasn't disclosed app store earnings this year, but has released data points in January since 2013, including the total amount Apple has paid developers since the store launched. Applications in 2008.

You can use these numbers to roughly estimate revenue from the App Store based on the number of developers Apple has paid in a given year.

According to a recent press release, Apple has paid developers $ 200 billion since 2008, $ 45 billion more than the figure announced in January 2020. If this accounts for 70% of App Store sales, then Apple's store has $ 64 billion in sales. Dollars last year.

There are a few exceptions to Apple's 30% threshold. Apple's numbers are approximate, which means total sales on the App Store could be higher. App analytics company Sensor Tower estimates App Store revenue to hit $ 72.3 billion in 2020.

According to 2019 Sensor Tower estimates, the top 1% of app publishers make 93% of their revenue through the app store.

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