The BMW Digital Key allows iPhones to unlock the iX
The BMW Digital Key allows iPhones to unlock the iX

BMW has announced an upgrade to its 'Digital Key Plus' technology.

Digital Key Plus promises to allow iPhone owners to unlock specific BMW cars without having to take out their phone.

This feature is based on UWB, which has been present in Apple's flagship iPhone since the iPhone 11 due to the U1 chip.

Digital Key Plus makes its debut in the all-electric BMW iX, which will be launched later this year in Europe and next year in the US.

According to BMW, the biggest benefit of Digital Key Plus is that it uses UWB so it can be used in a pocket or pocket on an iPhone.

The digital key system currently in use by Apple and BMW is based on NFC technology. So you will need to place your iPhone or Apple Watch near the car logo to unlock it.

BMW has also highlighted the reliability of its new ultra-wideband method, claiming that it can withstand attacks that can block or intercept the signal and provide the utmost safety.

At the moment, a limited number of iPhones have U1 chipsets that support UWB.

The U1 chip made its debut in the iPhone 11 and was later included in the iPhone 12, but was not included in the 2020 iPhone SE that was released early last year.

The U1 chip was also included in the Apple Watch Series 6 which was released last year.

After the announcement at WWDC 2020, Apple introduced support for digital car keys in iOS 13.6 last year.

According to reports, BMW is currently the only automaker to use this technology. Hyundai Motor is said to be planning to introduce this feature later this year.

There is an engine that makes UWB the standard for digital converters. When Apple announced support for digital car keys last June, Apple said it was working on a standard for using your U1 chip.

BMW said in the new announcement: It is working with Apple and the Automobile Communications Association to prepare UWB support in version 3.0 of the Digital Key specification.

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