The FCC turns away from Trump
The FCC turns away from Trump

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai promised on October 15 that the commission would continue drafting rules to clarify the meaning of Section 230 of the Communications Etiquette Act, which protects online platforms. Responsibility for certain types of content they publish. The main law prohibits users.

Pei clearly couldn't do it, and in less than three months he wasn't planning to do it anymore, indicating that he had little time.

There is not enough time to complete the administrative steps required to solve the organizational process, and in light of this, I consider it inappropriate to move forward.

The reason is the short time it took to resign on January 20 and Joe Biden would become President of the United States.

The reason may also be related to the following insight: The FCC forced the FCC to interpret Section 230 and investigate the site in an effort to dispel alleged bias against conservatives after President Trump issued an executive order in September. So she was not able to.

Trump's request came after a fit of anger to verify the accuracy of his social media posts.

The reinterpretation of Section 230 threatens the internet in its current form as the committee works to remove legal protections under Article 230 from any platform Trump sees as discriminatory against the Conservative Party, and these platforms are subject to litigation.

The FCC has no power to regulate the internet or rewrite federal law to do so.

The current Democratic control of the president-elect in the Senate (Biden) can reverse the Bay decision to remove the principle of net neutrality that ISPs should be able to access all content and applications, regardless of source and without preference. Or block some products or sites.

While he has largely avoided Bay's public comments on the president's bizarre actions during his presidency, he condemned Trump for publishing unfounded conspiracy theories that should not be addressed.

He said: I think it is a huge mistake to suggest changing the election results in any way. This is a huge mistake and I don't think it should be tolerated in any way.

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