The satellites sparked an argument between Musk and Bezos
The satellites sparked an argument between Musk and Bezos

Months after meeting with organizers, the satellite sparked a public squabble on social media between SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos this week.

The new controversy is the latest problem among billionaires in the trillion-dollar telecommunications market.

Musk and Bezos are the two richest people in the world. They are competing for the ability to build an extensive network of low-Earth satellites that can provide high-speed internet access to rural areas of the world with virtually no internet access.

SpaceX has 955 satellites in orbit for the Starlink network and plans to launch thousands of them. Amazon's Kuiper System is still in the early stages of development and there are currently no satellites in orbit.

The focus of the controversy was a deposit last summer when SpaceX asked FCC officials to locate some of the Starlink satellites at an altitude of 540 to 570 kilometers near the proposed Amazon constellation, which is orbiting Earth, at an altitude of 590 kilometers to alter it.

According to SpaceX, the change makes it easier to move old satellites out of orbit without causing spectral interference from other satellite operators.

However, Amazon said this would cause disruption, increase the risk of satellites collision, and hold back the FCC-approved future Amazon constellation.

In response to the main points of the introduction on Twitter, Musk said: "Due to Amazon's satellite system, the blockade of Starlink only lasts a few years today, which is not beneficial to the public."

"Competitors choose the data and ignore the actual changes in change to create misleading claims about interference," David Goldman, SpaceX's director of satellite policy, said in the paper.

In response to Musk's tweet, Amazon released a statement: The facts are simple: We have developed the Kuiper system to avoid interference with Starlink, and SpaceX is now looking to change its system design.

Amazon said: Despite the changes that SpaceX posted on Twitter, the changes proposed by SpaceX will continue to hamper competition between systems. Of course, if possible, it is in SpaceX's interest to stifle the competition, but this is definitely not in the public interest.

The public prosecution is generally limited to an unnatural escalation of the FCC's industrial action.

Bezos and Musk entered the satellite world and created new chaos for the corporate mega industry. SpaceX plans to invest a total of $ 10 billion in Starlink, and Bezos is pledging to invest $ 10 billion in Kuiper.

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