The US wants to track illegal automatic calls
The US wants to track illegal automatic calls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking increasing measures to combat illegal robot calls. These requirements will take effect within six months.

The committee has put in place new rules to curb nuisance calls, limit the number of calls that can be made by companies, and force telecommunications companies to take greater steps to ensure their networks are not used for transmission. Illegal calls.

The most recent regulations include restrictions on non-commercial calls from home.

Non-commercial, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations can now only make three calls to each home number within 30 days and must offer consumers the option to unsubscribe from future calls.

Prior to this change, the FCC had no restrictions on non-commercial calling.

In addition, the US Federal Communications Commission has introduced new rules for voice service providers who now have to answer inquiries to find the source of illegal calls from the Commission and the US Armed Forces. 'Task.

Voice service providers should now investigate illegal calls identified by the team of experts and take steps to mitigate those calls if the same conclusion is reached.

The FCC said: Telecom companies must use due diligence to ensure that their services are not used to create illicit trade.

In addition to implementing these new rules, the FCC also expanded safe havens for service providers and removed legal liability for blocking calls at the network level.

Service providers should target calls that are likely to be illegal but not harmful and use human supervision.

To be more transparent, the Federal Communications Commission requires service providers to notify callers when they are blocked.

The telephone company must also provide users with an on-demand call block list and provide status updates for any call blocking disputes within 24 hours.

The FCC said it has received more complaints about unnecessary calls than any other issue and has tried for years to restrict calls that could be used for fraud and identity theft.

"Americans are tired of making unnecessary and illegal robot calls," FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement.

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