Tile evolves a tracker to find lost items through walls
Tile evolves a tracker to find lost items through walls

Tile is preparing to launch a new product this year that will compete with the much-anticipated Apple AirTag and other lost items (including Samsung products).

The old tile tracker uses Bluetooth to help users find lost items. However, the new product uses UWB broadband technology to find the missing elements.

The new tracker is also using augmented reality to help users direct users to the location of lost items via the Tile mobile app.

IPhone 11, iPhone 12, and some Android devices (including newer Samsung devices) can use ultra-broadband technology.

Like Bluetooth and Wireless, UWB is a short range wireless communication protocol, but it operates at a very high frequency and can be used to collect room and orientation data, which is useful for people who find missing items (like tile trackers).

Apple began giving third-party developers access to the U1 chip last year, which uses UWB technology to make iPhone space conscious. Some Android devices are also equipped with this technology.

It is not clear how often Tile will use the new framework in its upcoming products, and the company is likely to be bound by nondisclosure agreements, especially with Apple.

Based on the device's Tile concept, the company's UWB-enabled model looks like other small trackers like the Tile Mate and Tile Pro.

It also has a square center button and a flat back cover to help secure the adhesive and can be attached to the keyring.

Magnets are usually attached to items such as keys, remote controls, purses, suitcases, or other small portable items, and can be used with larger devices such as personal electronic devices or bicycles.

However, you can only find lost items via Bluetooth when you're around or via the Tile Community Network when you're away.

Tile Community Network uses the company's mobile app for users to find trackers identified as lost and notify the owner of the item if a missing item is found anywhere.

The new device uses UWB to make it easier to search than before. Since UWB provides spatial awareness, it can locate lost internal or external objects even if you can't hear the tracking loop.

It can be useful for placing lost items under items like sofa cushions or interior items like cupboard drawers, and it can also help you find items more easily in larger rooms (like multi-storey homes).

The tiles app allows users to manipulate AR cameras so that they can be directed to the object's location using overlays (such as directional arrows and an AR view of the object's position). Theme).

Compared to lost and found third-party trackers, Tile has always been at the forefront of the market. However, with the emergence of new trackers from smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple, the company will face increased competition in 2021.

UWB trackers can help Tile maintain its position in the market. Last year, 26 million devices were sold and nearly 6 million products were sold daily in 195 countries / regions.

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