Tweetbot 6 has become a paid subscription service
Tweetbot 6 has become a paid subscription service

Tweetbot has always been one of the best third-party Twitter apps for iPhone and Mac. The company has now released the latest version of Tweetbot 6 for iOS, which turns the app into a paid subscription service instead of buying it.

Instead of spending time downloading the app, you can now download a free app with various restrictions and subscribe to unlock all functions for monthly or yearly payments.

The new app will be modified based on the new Twitter API that the company launched last summer. This activates some features that were previously missing in the app, for example preview cards and surveys.

Surveys were not previously shown in the timeline and the preview card is available. You can preview the content of the links without clicking on them.

This change comes with some trade-offs, including the removal of user-defined URL shortening, image uploading, and video uploading.

The free version of the app has some basic functions, including allowing users to check Twitter.

Additionally, you will have to pay for greater features like sending or responding to Tweets, multi-account support, push notifications, and advanced filtering.

With Tweetbot 5 already purchased at $ 4.99 one-time, this update might be a bit disappointing for existing users.

The price for this new app is $ 0.99 a month or $ 5.99 a year. This is a price hike and only adds new features to make up for the difference.

Tapbots will soon stop selling Tweetbot 5 through the App Store, so new users won't be able to purchase the old version at the same time anytime soon.

Developer (Paul Haddad) said: Apple has made this condition a condition for approval of the new version, and Tapbots has decided that the new version of Tweetbot 6 is an early access version and that many new features will be launched soon.

Over time, new apps could benefit from more functionality, which can reduce the severity of changes in the subscription price.

The company has not announced any plans to upgrade the Mac version of Tweetbot. Tweetbot currently uses the legacy Twitter API but requires a $ 9.99 down payment.

Including the updated Mac version of Tweetbot in monthly or yearly subscriptions can help add value to new subscriptions. This is a strategy to use when switching other apps from paid apps to existing subscriptions.

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