Volvo self-docking boat technology has come true
Volvo self-docking boat technology has come true

Penta, Volvo's marine subsidiary, has announced the commercial application of its self-docking technology called Automatic Auxiliary Mooring.

The mooring support system allows the captain to better control the berth through automation, to compensate for some dynamic variables such as wind and ocean currents, and to help the ship maintain its intended course.

Self-service parking technology has been developed to handle the complex process of moving from ship to dock and make life easier for the captain.

Even for experienced captains, mooring can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of the ship, as the tides and winds make it difficult to reach the pier.

Additionally, you are not only trying to save the ship from crashing, but you are also trying not to injure anyone.

Unlike a car, the ship will never stop without a maneuver. In bad weather it is much more difficult to drive directly on a narrow sidewalk than to steer the wheel.

Auto-docking technology combines global positioning system (GPS) with onboard sensors and dynamic positioning functions to determine the ship's position and make adjustments during dock.

All the captain has to do is hold the joystick and point in the general direction and the system will do the rest.

Two years ago, Volvo Penta introduced the system for the first time at the Swedish Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg.

The test boat is located between two 72.6-foot race yachts and can easily sail between the two yachts without pressure.

This new system is vital to the future of marine navigation as the ability to steer ships in a straight line - to automatically offset the environment - should make navigation safer and bring us closer to fully automated ships.

You can order auto mooring boat technology this spring. If it's between 35 and 120 feet, you can also add it to your existing Volvo Penta yacht.

In 2006, Penta introduced its own joystick technology that provides maneuvering and steering functions for the entertainment vehicle.

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