3D Home uses artificial intelligence to estimate the size of the house
3D Home uses artificial intelligence to estimate the size of the house

Zillow announced that the 3D Home app can generate floor plans from user uploaded scans.

This new feature is based on the company's artificial intelligence technology and can be used in the 3D Home app, which could be useful for people who want to move during a pandemic.

Originally launched in 2019, 3D Home has been designed to provide a more complete way for clients to view listings on their website and an easy way for real estate agents to create listings.

With a mobile phone or 360 camera and a 3D home app, you can download a series of images that can be combined for 3D roaming.

It's not the same as a home tour, but it can tell you more about the space than a photo or video tour offers.

The new floor plan created by artificial intelligence adds another layer of information to the equation.

With 3D Family Tours and Floor Plans, anyone viewing the list through the Zillow website or app can tap a specific room on the floor plan to go to that portion of the itinerary.

According to Zillow, a floor plan can be downloaded for use on industry standard sites such as multiple listing services.

In addition to creating a home map, Zillow said: Artificial intelligence can predict the size of square rooms and rooms based on the photos you uploaded.

It's hard to know if you aren't testing AI accuracy by guessing these metrics. With this feature now available in 25 markets and with new markets added later this year, you are likely to try it for yourself.

3D home expansion makes sense for people who want to navigate during the pandemic but cannot see their homes safely.

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