Adobe expands the capabilities of the web copy of Acrobat
Adobe expands the capabilities of the web copy of Acrobat

Adobe has released a new update to the web version of Acrobat that allows editing of text and images in PDF files. This feature has been unique to desktop applications for many years.

And Acrobat is Adobe's leading desktop application for processing and editing PDF files. In the past few years, the company has released a web version of the app, but it's not as unique as the desktop version.

"The web version of Acrobat is strategic for us as a lot of us use the browser," said Todd Gerber, vice president of Adobe Document Cloud.

The team initially enabled creating and converting PDF files. It took time to edit PDF files efficiently and in real time.

The company pointed out that working with the production line is one of the most difficult problems that the team faces when delivering this job over the Internet.

Gerber said, "Although people think PDF is the Adobe format, it is an open standard and many third-party tools can create PDF files."

“This huge ecosystem can create differences between applications that make it difficult to provide editing capabilities to Adobe.

The company also offers two additional browser-based features: protect and split PDF files, and merge multiple PDF files.

After working with Google last year to introduce some Acrobat links to new domains, Adobe has now released a number of new links such as: B.

The company plans to start more of these links next year as the company has nearly 10 million clicks on its existing links, indicating the number of people trying to convert or sign PDF files each day.

The online release of Acrobat helped the company attract new audiences. Initially it didn't think about Adobe, but about PDF and how it should be managed, thus expanding its customer base.

Adobe will transfer all branding searches to the Acrobat desktop application. However, for regular users, they will be redirected to the web version where they can perform all required tasks without subscribing to the service.

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