After reporting a security breach Clubhouse hopes to protect the data
After reporting a security breach Clubhouse hopes to protect the data

The club's agency is currently reviewing privacy measures after a Stanford Internet Monitor report found that there were security breaches that made user data vulnerable to access by the Chinese government.

In response to the research report published by the research team at Stanford University, the application said that although the application refused to ship the application in China, some people still find a solution to download the application, that is, the conversation they participated in can be transferred through Chinese servers.

"With the help of researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory, we have identified several areas in which privacy can be enhanced," the company said in a statement issued by the research team.

We will be adding changes to more encryption over the next few hours to prevent Clubhouse customers from sending votes to Chinese servers. We also plan to hire an outside data security company to review and verify these changes.

The app launched in early 2020, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev have placed orders on the platform. After some surprising discussions, the number of global users rose dramatically earlier this month.

Groups of new Chinese users joined and discussed topics such as the Xinjiang detention center and Hong Kong's national security laws.

But they were unable to access the app last week, causing frustration and fear of government censorship.

Stanford Observatory confirmed that Agora, a Chinese technology company, formed the backbone of the clubhouse app and that Agora might be able to access users' voice chats, thus enabling access to the Chinese government.

He also said: He noticed that the conference room metadata had been moved to a server believed to be hosted in China and one managed by a Chinese entity.

But he added that he believed the Chinese government would not be able to access the data if the audio was stored in the United States.

The report said: Stanford Internet Observatory has raised these security concerns because they are relatively easy to find and pose a direct security risk to millions of club users, especially in China.

Data analytics company Sensor Tower said: As of February 2, the app will only be available on iPhone. In the past six days, there were 3.6 million users worldwide and 1.1 million registrations.

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