Amazon adds always-on surveillance cameras in delivery cars
Amazon adds always-on surveillance cameras in delivery cars

According to the latest Information report, Amazon plans to install high-tech cameras in delivery cars to better monitor driver behavior during delivery.

The hardware and software are provided by Netradyne, California, which operates a platform called Driveri that uses cameras and artificial intelligence to analyze the driver while the vehicle is being driven.

The camera provides real-time information, including automatic suggestions such as "Distracted Driving" and "Please Slow Down" as it collects analyzes to assess drivers during the work shift.

This video describes the partnership in which Amazon set goals to reduce accidents and hold drivers accountable for errors on the road.

The plan reflects an Amazon-approved plan for its truck fleet where SmartDrive cameras monitor freight drivers for signs of fatigue and distraction.

The marketing video shows the camera continuously recording the video and uploading it to a dedicated security team to check whether any of these 16 signals are caused by traffic accidents or actions taken by the driver.

The pilot can deactivate the camera manually, but only when the engine is turned off. You can also choose to allow the pilot to upload photos manually.

According to Amazon, we're always looking for innovative ways to ensure driver safety. That's why we work with Netradyne to improve the driving experience.

Amazon described Netradyne as the first company to integrate AI and video to create an advanced safety system that reduces collisions with in-cab warnings by two-thirds and improves driver behavior.

Amazon hopes to prepare drivers for success and help them make them safer on the road and handle crashes and crashes.

Some drivers fear that using Netradyne technology could lead to privacy-invasive and overburden surveillance if they try to stick to tight deadlines.

In the past, Amazon relied on telecom companies like the U.S. Postal Service and UPS to deliver packages to customers' homes, but it began leveraging its ever-evolving logistics network of planes, trucks and delivery vehicles to cut costs.

Amazon has thousands of delivery drivers across the country who are among the third-party companies who are not technically employees of the company.

However, these drivers operate the Amazon Prime branded vehicles and are subject to restrictions or controls imposed by the company in various ways, such as Amazon's broad control of warehouse workers.

This includes accurate, up-to-date monitoring via the app to determine where the driver is on his planned route and if he is behind schedule.

These surveillance tools appear to include Netradyne's cameras as well, though it's unclear when and how popular Amazon plans to install the cameras in its delivery fleet.

We have invested in safety throughout our business. We recently began rolling out advanced camera-based safety technologies across our delivery fleet, providing real-time alerts to drivers to keep them safe on the road.

Over the past five years, Amazon delivery drivers have caused dozens of accidents, including fatal ones. Due to the way in which outside companies and independent contractors are employed, the company generally avoids any liability in the event of an accident.

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