Amazon plans to build wall echo devices
Amazon plans to build wall echo devices

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Amazon is developing a new type of Echo device with a large wall-mounted touchscreen that can be used as a smart home console, video chatting device, and media player.

The company's hardware division Lab126 designed the device as a digital command center to notify users of upcoming calendar events, control accessories such as lights and locks, and play music and videos.

This includes Alexa voice assistant, Amazon microphones, and video conferencing cameras.

The product can compete with smart home control displays from companies like Control4 Corp. Framed iPads, and even Amazon Echo Display with Outdoor Wall Mounts.

Amazon is considering several models with 10 or 13-inch screens. The 10-inch screen is the same as the current Echo Show, and the 13-inch screen is Amazon's largest.

The company plans to launch the product later this year or late 2022. The price discussed internally ranges from $ 200 to $ 250, although the plan is early and can be changed or canceled altogether.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Amazon has shown interest in wall-mounted devices, as the company announced the launch of the Echo Wall Clock in 2018, which is an analog clock that displays a timer with an Alexa speaker.

Amazon also provides several accessories for wall-mounted Echo speakers.

Since the intended device is designed to be wall-mounted, it is much smaller than the current Echo Show.

Amazon launched the first Echo device with a display in 2017 and since then it has introduced several devices with different shapes and different screen sizes.

Last year, the company introduced a model that includes a screen that rotates during a video call to follow the user around the room.

By mounting the device to the wall, the homeowner can have more options for deciding where to place it in the home without having space on the table or table.

The rumored product adds another Aleska device in development as well: a radar sleep tracker that sits on a bedside table and detects your breathing.

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