Amazon uses the Mentor app to track drivers
Amazon uses the Mentor app to track drivers

According to the latest report from CNBC, Amazon has developed its own in-house app called Mentor, which can be used to track the website and evaluate the performance of third-party delivery agents.

The report indicated that the application can track the driver's position at any time and obtain daily results that affect performance evaluations. Lower scores could affect the relationship between the third-party delivery company and Amazon in future contracts.

Amazon believes the app is a tool for improving security. However, drivers fear that Mentor will continue to be a monitoring tool and continue to pressure staff to make sure they deliver packages as soon as possible.

Earlier this month, a promotional video from Amazon showed a new initiative that included a naturally-lit security camera from a company called Netradyne that was being used to monitor a pilot's performance, which is cause for concern.

An Amazon spokesperson said: Safety is our number one priority and we have invested tens of millions of dollars in our comprehensive network safety mechanism to provide drivers with best safety practices.

“We are using the latest in telemetry and advanced truck safety technologies, as well as driver safety training programs, and we are constantly improving our mapping and routing technology,” he added.

As the business grows, Amazon is increasingly building its own delivery infrastructure. This also includes the DPS Delivery Service Plan, which contracts with outside companies to assist with delivery.

Amazon uses its drivers to cut costs, increase delivery speed, and increase efficiency. This is part of his larger effort to create more supply chains through the purchase of goods and aircraft.

Safety issues for drivers and pedestrians have always existed. Due to the nature of the business contract, Amazon avoids liability for accidents, injuries, and even deaths of drivers directly responsible for delivering packages to customers' homes.

However, the company has been criticized for using software and other tools to prioritize speed of delivery at the expense of potential security risks.

So Amazon started to improve driver control by managing roads and monitoring behavior at all times to improve safety.

While some drivers are concerned about the reach of these technologies, the application of surveillance and continuous surveillance cameras are among those measures.

The drivers got together and discussed ways to try to tamper with the system because they tried to wrap the phone in a jacket and put it in the glove box because the screen app raised the leg of the phone to display the delivery as a completed sign.

There are also concerns about location sharing permissions as pilots need to download apps from personal devices and turn on Always allow location sharing until Amazon exceeds its own privacy limits. The pilots.

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