America is distancing itself from Trump's attempts to ban WeChat
America is distancing itself from Trump's attempts to ban WeChat

On the second day of suspending the TokTok ban proposal, the Biden government distanced itself from former President Donald Trump's attempt to block the Chinese texting app WeChat.

The Biden administration has asked two federal appeals courts to terminate the lawsuit against former President Donald Trump for his attempt to ban TikTok and WeChat from the United States.

The US government said the Biden administration is seeking comment and is also reviewing the Trump administration’s practices regarding social media companies linked to China.

According to documents that the US government has filed in a lawsuit against WeChat users challenging the ban, the Commerce Department is reviewing recent measures to ensure that measures that the Trump administration has banned due to alleged national security threats are appropriate.

The government document states: As the Biden government fulfilled its responsibilities, the Commerce Department began reviewing some of the newly enacted administrative procedures, including the orders and provisions governing those orders issued by the minister against the controversial claims in this appeal. The Ministry of Health plans to assess key records to justify the ban.

He added: The government will then be in a better position to determine whether the threats to national security and the regulatory objective of protecting the security and privacy of Americans stipulated in the Presidential Decree of August 6, 2020, remain grounds for a specific ban. .

The court blocked Trump's attempt to block WeChat from coming into effect, saying it violated user rights under the first change.

WeChat is a messaging app with other features like social media and payment which is a common occurrence in China, where many US social media and messaging apps are blocked.

Favorite by the Chinese tech giant Tencent, it is also popular with many Chinese speakers in the US because it allows them to communicate with friends, family, and contacts in China.

The app is subject to censorship in China and is supposed to adhere to content restrictions set by the authorities. Citizen Lab, a Toronto-based internet monitoring organization, said WeChat is monitoring files and photos being shared abroad to help China with censorship.

The Trump administration blamed WeChat and TikTok targets for their holdings in China, saying US user data could be shared with the Chinese government.

Tencent said TikTok declined or would reject: It has the highest standards of privacy and user data security.

The ban is part of the escalation of tensions between the government and China, including the trade war, a halt to mergers by Chinese companies, and a crackdown on the business of Huawei, a maker of phones and communications equipment.

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