Apple develops magnetic battery for iPhone
Apple develops magnetic battery for iPhone

According to the latest Bloomberg report, Apple is developing a new iPhone charging accessory in the form of a battery that can be attached magnetically to the back of the device via MagSafe.

Although some prototypes have a rubber coating on the case, the battery does not function as a protective case like previous Apple iPhone battery accessories.

In addition to the new battery details, Bloomberg indicated that the iPhone series is unlikely to receive support for reverse wireless charging in the near future.

Battery accessories are believed to have been in development for at least a year. However, some development issues related to iPhone software have been reported where the battery temperature is too high.

Bloomberg reported that Apple was cautious about announcing charging accessories after it was forced to abandon the AirPower charging platform in 2019, just a year and a half after the initial release.

Development issues can mean that new battery accessories can be delayed or even canceled.

The charging case is Apple's latest line of Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories that are attached to the back of the phone via an integrated magnetic circuit.

Previous accessories include wall chargers and magnetic accessory boxes. MagSafe is said to be returning to Apple laptops as well.

After discovering the addition of a new battery in the beta code of iOS 14.5, rumors first appeared. A Bloomberg report said the addition was later discontinued.

In addition to the new battery, Apple is said to be interested in charging its devices to each other.

A report by Bloomberg said it has plans to launch a batch of iPhones in 2019 to allow AirPods to be charged wirelessly. However, the plan was later canceled and the feature is unlikely to appear in the near future.

Other accessory manufacturers are trying to provide functionality similar to MagSafe batteries, and this product was released in the second half of last year. These products are sold by Alibaba or Aliexpress.

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