Apple does not need to allow alternative products to the iOS App Store
Apple does not need to allow alternative products to the iOS App Store

After a bill in North Dakota radically changed the way app store operators manage their digital markets and didn't get enough votes, Apple doesn't have to allow alternatives from the App Store on iOS.

North Dakota House of Representatives Carla Rose Hanson said the bill fell 36 to 11 in the Senate Tuesday.

The bill sparked major controversy last week when a panel hearing attracted the attention of Apple attorneys, lobbyists, experts and critics who opposed and dismissed the effect. Perhaps a large portion of the bill.

The bill bans any software distributor with annual sales exceeding $ 10 million from imposing rules on developers requiring developers to use only one app store and the app store owner's preferred payment system.

In line with their long-term profit-sharing policy on app sales and in-app purchases, these companies use Apple and Google payment systems to make 30% of most sales.

Developers' commitment to using the App Store and Apple's payment system is the cornerstone of the mobile business for iPhone manufacturers and has a heavy responsibility for the App Store's continued financial success.

It was estimated that the App Store had over $ 64 billion in revenue last year.

Developers have long complained about Apple's control over iOS revenue streams. Critics say Apple's changing rules are inconsistent and the company will grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

While the bill only outlines how companies like Apple can operate in North Dakota, the text of the law is too broad and could force the company to systematically adjust its operations across the country.

The success of this legislation could inspire other countries to follow suit and regulate the relationship between app stores and developers alike.

When the iPhone maker opposed the bill, he said: The bill threatens to destroy the iPhone because it believes the bill will threaten iPhone privacy, security, and performance.

She added: We are working hard to banish bad apps and the bill may require permission for these apps.

This legislation is among a growing number of government bills and now includes bills introduced in the states of Arizona and Georgia to limit the power of app store owners.

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