Apple increases the repairability of iPhone in France
Apple increases the repairability of iPhone in France

Apple has increased the ability to repair iPhones and MacBooks at its French online store to comply with a new French law that went into effect this year.

The report states that the level of maintainability takes into account the following advantages: ease of disassembling equipment, availability of maintenance manuals and spare parts.

The support page contains a link to the final result of each product along with detailed account information.

Apple product reviews vary by product and age: iPhone 12 has a rating of 10 (out of 6), while iPhone 11 has a rating of 4.5 to 4.6.

According to a detailed analysis of the results, the improvement is due to the ease of disassembling the new iPhone compared to the previous year's model, and spare parts are cheaper than the cost of the phone itself.

The difference between the company's various MacBook models is relatively small, with scores between 5.6 and 7.

The new French law, which went into effect on January 1, provides for a reformability assessment and introduces new laws to control waste.

A website ranking results from various manufacturers indicated that only 40% of French electrical appliances had been repaired after a breakdown over the past year.

The government plans to use the results to educate consumers and print makers to increase the percentage to 60% within five years.

And Radio France Internationale indicated that manufacturers calculate their results according to strict guidelines and can get simple results through simple metrics such as providing more information about software updates.

Samsung made the changes required by law to provide an online repair guide for the Galaxy S21 Plus, which is clearly an effort to improve repairability over previous year's models.

The European Union has taken similar initiatives in the past to promote energy efficiency and its labels provide simple information on energy consumption for household products.

The new French law is still in its infancy and companies will not be fined until 2022 for its violations.

It is hoped that the plan will be expanded (currently for smartphones, laptops, televisions, washing machines and lawn mowers) to include other product categories in the future.

While the European Parliament voted in favor of the "reform law" last year, it is hoped that similar initiatives will be launched across the African continent.

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