Facebook opens the ribbon for creating and sharing rap music
Facebook opens the ribbon for creating and sharing rap music

Team NPE, Facebook's in-house R&D department, has released its next tapes beta app.

The app allows rappers to create and share professional raps with videos over 60 seconds long.

This is the second app that the NPE team launched in the music industry after launching the collab music video app.

Although Collab focuses on making music with other people online, bars are aimed at rappers who want to create and share their own videos.

In this app, users can choose from hundreds of professional tunes, then write their own words and record videos.

In addition, the bars can automatically play the rhythm when writing texts and provide various audio and video filters that accompany the video and auto-adjust functions.

You can then post the video to Tik Tok thread where users can watch and tag it or share it on other social media platforms.

The app also promises studio-quality sound effects, including the AutoTune sound processor.

The app also provides an automatic dictionary for those who classify themselves as beginners upon registering for the app.

Despite having a special focus on music and rap, the new app could be seen to some extent as an attempt by Facebook to develop one of TikTok's competitors, at least in this category of content.

Bars is currently releasing an iOS App Store Beta in the US and is on hold.

Facebook said: From the United States, it is gradually opening access to bar invitations and announcing updates and news about invitations on the Instagram platform.

The epidemic played an important role in app development. Ad read: Like Team NPE collaboration, the pandemic has played a role in creating bars and preventing rappers from accessing live music and venues to experiment.

The app was created in collaboration with a group of aspiring rappers and was launched today as a closed beta version.

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