Apple is focusing on virtual and augmented reality devices
Apple is focusing on virtual and augmented reality devices

(Dan Richio) According to the latest Bloomberg report, Dan Richio, the former head of Apple's hardware division, oversees the company's work on categorizing augmented reality and virtual reality products.

Riccio resigned last month after serving as senior vice president of instrumentation engineering since 2012.

At this point, Riccio said he would continue to stay with the company and focus on creating new things, but did not disclose any details.

(Mike Rockwell) Mike Rockwell, who leads Apple's expanded augmented and virtual reality team, is still responsible for the daily development of these upcoming products, but Richio is said to have absolute control over the first Apple devices that target the world. market. Supervision rights. field.

The company reportedly faced hurdles for the new CEO to overcome. Although these issues weren't enough to force Rockwell's chief engineering officer to leave the company, it was still not clear what the problems were.

Tech giant Cupertino is said to employ more than 1,000 engineers with virtual reality and Apple glasses.

Over the years, it has been reported that thanks to Apple's continued investment in augmented reality technology on the iPhone and iPad, Apple has been developing augmented reality and virtual reality devices, notes CEO Tim Cook. Some cooks. .

The latest report states that Apple is planning to debut expensive VR headsets as a starting point for more impressive AR devices.

The news site reported last week that the virtual reality device could cost $ 3,000 and hit the market in 2022.

Basic glasses can be an advanced model for developers and other professionals because it delivers very high 8K resolution to every eye and provides spatial audio and LiDAR sensors similar to iPhone 12 Pro to help transform a virtual object into augmented reality.

Apple continues to develop Apple Glass, which is a separate AR device that complements the iPhone and could be launched in 2023.

It wouldn't be surprising if Apple dedicates the best talent to him. As augmented and virtual reality technology matures, huge hurdles remain, even glasses like the Oculus Quest 2 often have limited processing power, bulky design, and patchy tracking.

Additionally, if Apple can fix at least some of these issues, it can claim to have outperformed its competitors and the public can embrace it. As it turns out, this adoption rate is difficult to pin down for Oculus, HTC, and even Sony's PlayStation VR in general. .

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