Apple patent describing a non-damaging charging cable
Apple patent describing a non-damaging charging cable

Replacing a damaged charging cable is a nuisance in modern life, but Apple seems to be able to address this common problem with the charging cable, and it is more durable and not easy to damage.

The company wrote in a patent application titled "Variable Stiffness Cables": It is known that bending a charging cable near the endpoint can put unnecessary stress on the cable connection, which could lead to cable failure.

Normally, a solid material decompression cap is provided around the cable's end, she added. The company indicated that in some cases it did not want to increase the thickness of the decompression cap, so it is looking at different approaches.

In addition to proposing to make the cable thicker overall, I suggested lengthening the stress relief layer at both ends. Depending on the deposit, one of the methods is to achieve different degrees of rigidity on sections of different lengths.

According to the document, the cable consists of an elastic part, a solid part, and a third part in between the two. Apple said the latter part can relieve pressure on the end of the cable.

Most of the patent application describes several possible materials and also attempts to determine the stiffness through the minimum bending radius, which is defined as the smallest radius at which a cable can be bent without bending, and the known measure of stiffness is that of the electric wire. .

The minimum bending radius can be determined from the cable diameter. The increase in the bending radius is equal to the increase in the stiffness, and depending on the specific cable structure, the minimum bending radius can be from 8 to 12 times the cable diameter.

The patent application is attributed to seven inventors including (Christopher Graham) Christopher Graham, whose previous work includes patents protecting multi-coil wireless power transmission systems.

It has been noted that filing a patent application does not guarantee that Apple will update its cables, and the company has not specifically included the word Flash anywhere in the document.

However, documents show that Apple has at least partially embraced this idea, so we may get more powerful Lightning and MagSafe charging cables.

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