Biden plans to tighten restrictions on technology exports to China
Biden plans to tighten restrictions on technology exports to China

A senior official said on Wednesday that the Biden government plans to work with its allies to impose new restrictions on certain exports of sensitive technology to China ahead of the new president's first meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The official told reporters at the briefing that the United States would not raise the Chinese tariffs imposed by the Trump administration before extensive consultations and reviews with allies.

He said, "We will keep these definitions when we look at them because we will not rush to work."

He added: The main criticism that President Biden makes of Trump's strategy here is not that he is not strict with trade, but that he does so alone while fighting our allies.

The official stated that no decision has been taken to raise the tariffs and that Trump's policies will continue in some ways. The first is to ensure that the United States does not provide highly sensitive technology that could enhance China's military capabilities. .

"We will intensify this as the government is negotiating with US allies and is considering imposing new restrictions on technology exports to China," he added.

Biden's goal is to work quickly with Republicans to increase public investment in areas of technology critical to the US economy, including semiconductors, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, the official said.

Speaking with Chinese leaders by phone, President Biden emphasized his coercive and unfair economic practices against Beijing, Hong Kong's repression, human rights violations in Xinjiang, and increasingly decisive action (including actions) in the region. He said in a statement.

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