Despite the risk of Corona MWC will continue into 2021
Despite the risk of Corona MWC will continue into 2021

MWC 2021, the largest mobile event in the world, will host a personal event in June, although it may become an event that spreads the Coronavirus.

Typically more than 100,000 people attend the MWC, and John Hoffman, CEO of the GSM Association, which has hosted the event, said that number has decreased this year.

Hoffman told Mobile World Live that he expects about 50,000 people to travel to Barcelona, ​​interact with one another and with locals, and then return home.

The MWC 2021 'Safety and Protection' page shows the regulator is controlling density of people and ordering masks.

Hoffman said: He does not want all participants to be vaccinated against the Corona virus, adding: Our position is that vaccination will be good anywhere in the world, but we cannot rely on it. 2021.

Instead, the team asked all participants to get tested for coronavirus within 72 hours of their arrival, and the results were all negative.

It should be noted that this test is not sufficient to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, especially if the test is done early.

A person can easily get a negative test result, contract the virus on its way to MWC 2021, and spread the disease upon its arrival.

(Peter Diamandis) Peter Diamandis, founder of the nonprofit XPrize, took the test to set up a face-to-face meeting with less than 100 people in California in January. However, there was no need to isolate or mask. Dozens of people have tested positive for the virus.

Large conferences and events, especially those related to international travel, can be fertile ground for Coronavirus infection.

When the pandemic began, thousands of cases of coronavirus were linked to the Boston Biotechnology Conference.

Not only does hosting major events endanger participants, but also the people in the location where the event is held.

The GSM Association refused to cancel the 2020 exhibition scheduled for February, as the Coronavirus has become a global problem.

This is forcing major brands like LG, Amazon and Sony to step down from the team to cancel the event.

Coronavirus remains a major threat in the world. Spain currently has an average of 12,000 new cases per day and 400 deaths per day.

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