Epic Games takes its battle with Apple to the European Union
Epic Games takes its battle with Apple to the European Union

The company announced today that Fortnite developer Epic Games has filed a formal antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission.

Epic Games claims that carefully crafted anti-competitive restrictions put in place by Apple have completely eliminated competition in app distribution and payment.

This, she said, pushes consumers to play higher and gives Apple a lot of control over developers over its platform.

The new complaint represents the latest legal action taken by Epic Games in its ongoing dispute with Apple for criticizing Apple's control over software distribution through the App Store and its payment policies, which generally results in Apple charging a 30% commission for filing it. Integrated procurement.

Company CEO (Tim Sweeney) described the 30% commission as tax, and Epic Games claimed that Apple's guidelines give an unfair advantage over other iOS developers for its services.

Apple said in November it would lower the App Store commission rate to 15% for any developer with annual sales of under $ 1 million in an apparent response to pressure from developers and regulators.

And Epic Games said in its announcement: It is not seeking compensation from Apple in the European Union, but it hopes to find appropriate and effective solutions to solve its alleged anti-competition practices from Apple.

When asked what these remedies should include, Tim Sweeney told the Financial Times that we want to prevent these platform companies from controlling equipment in order to control the after-sales service market, forcing them to compete on a strong basis with any competitor.

A dispute arose between Epic Games and Apple last summer when Apple tried to bypass Fortnite's commission on in-app purchases.

Apple responded by removing the popular game from its app store and urging Epic Games to take legal action.

The company developed the game "Fortnite" and took legal action in Australia. Earlier this year, she filed a lawsuit against Apple in the UK's Antitrust Court.

Last year, the European Union announced that it had conducted an official antitrust investigation of the Apple App Store and Apple Pay behavior, and then filed a new complaint.

The European Union is concerned that Apple's policies will stifle and distort competition as Apple's services compete with other app store developers.

The messaging app Telegram has filed a complaint with the European Union over Apple's policies forcing users to download software outside the app store.

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