Microsoft makes games suitable for people with disabilities
Microsoft makes games suitable for people with disabilities

Some games try to cater to players with special needs, but many games are still out of reach, especially on closed platforms, where closed platforms cannot easily customize games and controls for these people.

After traveling since 2019, Microsoft has launched a new program that allows game developers to consider accessibility when designing games before the game is released.

Microsoft is expanding its advertising efforts with a new rating plan for Xbox and PC games.

The Accessible Games team today announced that developers can submit their games to be rated and tested for accessibility for players with disabilities.

The software will be released with an updated Xbox Accessibility Guidelines released in early 2020.

The Xbox Blog states: Developers can now submit Xbox or PC games to Microsoft, analyze, and review them according to the recommendations of the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines.

The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines provide a full description of general design considerations for developers and are now updated to include clearer language, additional context, and implementation examples.

According to the article, every test that the game passes includes feedback from disabled players and members of the gaming community who not only play the game, but also provide comments and ideas.

The new software will allow the Game Reliability Engineering team and Xbox Games Accessibility team to review the game, as well as links to full design information and nonprofits. Profit and Accessibility Experts.

Screen shots and other information point to issues identified during the testing process to help developers understand aspects that may be difficult for some players with disabilities in a given experience.

In recent years, more and more companies have focused on accessing games, including Microsoft, which released an adaptive Xbox console in 2018. However, there are some notable examples of the second part of "The Last of Us."

The Microsoft Adaptive Controller for Xbox is designed to meet the needs of gamers with reduced mobility. It's a unified hardware center that makes games easy to access.

Programs like this can bring more games with similar accessibility features.

It is also important for players with special needs to provide an overview.

Over the past decade, the desire of developers and gamers to access games has multiplied, and according to the European Space Agency, there are nearly 46 million players with disabilities in the United States alone.

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